What Are Microservices?

Autonomous, loosely coupled services

Microservices are an architectural style that structures an application as a collection of autonomous, loosely coupled services that are modeled around a business domain. Each microservice is focused on doing one thing well.

Owned by small, focused teams

A microservice is small enough that a single feature team can own it. Small team sizes promote greater agility. Large teams tend be less productive, because communication is slower, management overhead goes up, and agility diminishes.

Built and deployed independently

A team can update an existing microservice without rebuilding and redeploying the entire application, and roll back an update if something goes wrong. In traditional applications, a bug found in one part of the application, can block the entire release.

"I was even new to VSCode. This training is from scratch. Anybody can follow. Hoping to attend all other training. Thanks, Julio for making it so easy so that the fundamentals are thorough."
Dhanya Gopinath

Who is this course for?

  • Beginner C# / .NET developers wanting to get a deep understanding of the microservices building blocks
  • Experienced C# / .NET developers new to microservices that want to understand if this modern architecture makes sense for their projects
  • Anyone willing to learn by doing. Even if you have never built an ASPNET Core app you should not have problems with this course since I will explain every line of code in detail

Course curriculum

01 Welcome to the course!
  • Course Introduction
  • Source code and other course downloads
  • Development environment setup
  • What's wrong with the monolith?
  • What are microservices?
02 Your first microservice
  • Introduction
  • Creating a microservice via the .NET CLI
  • Introduction to the REST API and DTOs
  • Adding the DTOs
  • Adding the REST API operations
  • Handling invalid inputs
03 Adding database storage
  • Introduction
  • Introduction to the repository pattern and MongoDB
  • Implementing a MongoDB repository
  • Introduction to Docker
  • Trying out the REST API with a MongoDB container
  • Introduction to Dependency Injection and Configuration
  • Implementing dependency injection and configuration
"The course is an excellent introduction to building microservices with .NET. Main topics are presented very clearly."
R Adams

Course previews

Understand the key concepts before coding

In this beginner level course, I intentionally take my time to explain every new concept in a very didactic way to ensure you understand the purpose of the code you are about to write.

From scratch, step by step

You will start absolutely from scratch and I will explain every line of code as I guide you through the coding lessons.

"Super helpful, very thorough, easy to understand and follow. Gave me an excellent starting point to start migration of a monolith app to microservices. Excited about next modules! :)"
Gerardo Rendon

What you get when you enroll

2+ hours on-demand video

More than 2 hours of didactic, high quality video, specifically designed for learning purposes.

Source code

Each coding lesson includes downloadable source code so you can easily compare and troubleshoot.

Full lifetime access

Learn at your own pace, from anywhere and come back anytime. You'll have full access for life.


Hi, I'm Julio!

I'm a passionate software engineer with almost two decades of experience building all sorts of applications and systems based on the .NET platform.

I like to continuously explore the latest software engineering trends and practices and use them to solve real world problems.

I believe reducing complex concepts into simple step by step instructions is incredibly valuable and helps to make coding accessible and fun for everyone.